Interviews list

37 exclusive interviews of doc makers have already been made for ADN website:


 . Mohammed Ali Naqvi (Canada / Pakistan) “I am very open to the idea of exploring different countries through a non-fiction lens”

. Charlene Shih (Dynamic): ” even with little funding, Taiwan has more opportunities for people who want to make docs”

Seungjun Yi (S. Korea) :”global audience would like to see docs about Asia with different perspectives”

. Duncan Jepson (HK): “It is very nice to win awards but it is much more satisfying to get people to support a subject”

Penny Vozniak (Australia): “very personal stories are actually the stories of the whole world”

. V. Mirchandani (16th Street Prod. / Australia): “I am currently producing a feature doc on food safety in China”

. Yanfei 闫非 (Caui Studio, China): “we need to learn from outstanding production done by other producers”

. Mohammad Ehsani (Iran): “making documentaries with social themes can endanger the filmmaker in Iran”

. Roger Garcia (HAF / Hong Kong): “we will include four documentary projects in HAF 2012″

Patrick Carr (Mandarin Film): « the documentary world here in China is full of life and growing fast »

. Hong Hyosook (ACF – AND / S. Korea): « DMZ Fund will support stories in and about conflict areas »

. Chow Keung (Xstream Pictures / China) « the demand for doc about China is going strong »

. Francis Smith (Infocus / Singapore): « We would love to coproduce with European companies and channels. »

. Mai Meksawan (Extra Virgin / Thailand) « We are looking for unique titles with crossover potential »

. Sophy V. Sivaraman (Sophodok) : « we want to connect docs and wider Indian audience »

. Chandra Tanzil (In-Docs) : « We need more European docs in Indonesia »

. Chaowei Chang / SUNTV : « We would like to work with European producers on some doc projects. »

. Cherelle Zheng (BCZM) « Documentary is not yet an industry in China »

. PIK Film : « Wildlife, History and Lifestyle are the most popular genres »

. Hengqi GUO : « I welcome European partner for my next doc »

. Creativeast (South Korea)

. Golden Tiger Pictures (Indonesia)

From EUROPE  (12)

Rick Minnich (Germany): “I’m open to collaborate with Asian filmmakers, producers and broadcasters on their projects or my own”
Nicolas Deschamps (ITV Studio France): “Land of the Panda is a film where emotion is driving awareness” 
Singh Chandok (ISP Production/France): « we don’t miss any opportunity to go to Asia »

Björn Jensen (Ginger Foot/Germany): « we are looking for Asian partners to widen the scope of our new doc story »

Phil Cox (Native Voice / UK) : « independent Asian production is there but with lot of hurdles »

. Rob Lemkin  » we are looking for Asian partners on Enemies of the People Part 2″

. Thomas Balmes: « after Japan, Mongolia and China, I would like to make a doc about Bhutan ».

. Kim Longinotto : « I really want to make more films in India ».

. Esther Van Messel (First Hand Films) « Asia is definitely on the rise and of high interest in Europe »

. Giulia Achilli (Alipur Films) : « with « Inshallah, football », I discovered the pleasure of doc. making »

. L. Lense-Møller (Magic Hour Film) « Burma VJ has been shown in over 120 countries »

. Britdoc : « we want to meet new Asian filmmakers for our new fund »

From AMERICA (4)

Nisha Pahuja (Canada / India): “making documentaries allows to explore ideas, complex lived realities and experiences”

. Bradley Cox (USA):”There are a lot of people like me in Asia who have a passion to tell a particular story.”

. Sasha Friedlander: “doc. film is an ideal medium for telling stories of people and cultures that I cared deeply about”

. Back from Pusan, Sean Farnel (Hot Docs) speaks about Asian docs trends