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/ 06/11/2012 6:42 PM

Tokyo Waka (2012, USA/Japan)

Directors: John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson | 63 minutes | USA, Japan | 2012 | Language: English, Japanese  About Japan SYNOPSIS “TOKYO WAKA is a 63-minute documentary essay about Tokyo’s crows, with digressions into art, history, and culture. It is a poem about Tokyo and its people, and the relentless tenacity of nature in a most unnatural world. Tokyo. A resilient [...]

/ 06/04/2012 6:40 PM

Bachelor Mountain (China, 2011)

Director: Yu Guangyi / Original title: Guanggun 光棍 / Year: 2011 / Country: China / Runtime: 95 mins About China SYNOPSIS “Tender, frank and humorous documentary about a rugged working man in an isolated mountain community in China and his hopeless pursuit of the last single woman in town. For over 100 years, people have made a living from the forests of China’s mountainous north, but new environmental regulations have [...]

/ 05/30/2012 8:36 AM

Movie review: When China Met Africa (The Ottawa Citizen)

Documentary explores fascinating power shift By Jay Stone, Postmedia News (May 25, 2012) When China Met Africa — ★★★1/2 Directed by: Marc Francis and Nick Francis Parental guidance: Coarse language (In English and Chinese with English subtitles) More information: There’s a scene in the fascinating documentary When China Met Africa where an entrepreneur named Mr. Liu — a chain-smoking businessman [...]

/ 05/29/2012 3:18 PM

Drug mules share their story (New Strait Times)

Viewers get a first-hand account from women who have been tricked into smuggling in the documentary, “Malaysian Drug Mules” WHEN Rosna Shariff, 43, was offered US$60,000 (RM186,750) to pick up “important documents” from Peru, she thought she had found her dream job. Without hesitation, the mother of three quickly accepted the offer. When she entered Peru’s international airport, her luggage [...]

/ 05/25/2012 6:37 AM

What makes “A Bite of China” so popular? (People’s Daily)

“A Bite of China”, a mouth-watering late-night documentary television series featuring delicious Chinese food, has attracted countless viewers, and moved many to tears. By Fan Zhengwei (People’s Daily) 07:55, May 24, 2012 Given its subject matter and time slot, A Bite of China was initially considered a “weak player” on TV. Surprisingly, the documentary became popular immediately after airing, and [...]

/ 05/24/2012 5:05 AM

Acid attack victims seek to block ‘Saving Face’ Pakistan screening (Global Post)

Acid attack victims who were featured in the Oscar-winning documentary “Saving Face” sought to block its screening in Pakistan. By Priyanka Boghani In May 23, 2012 The survivors of acid attacks who were featured in the Oscar-winning documentary “Saving Face” threatened to go to court to block the film from being shown in Pakistan, according to the BBC. The subjects [...]

/ 05/14/2012 9:53 AM

‘Bitter Seeds’ documentary explores the human toll of GMOs in India (

“Bitter Seeds” is the third and final film in Micha X. Peled’s award-winning Globalization Trilogy. The film follows a season, from sowing to harvest, in an Indian village where many small farmers are struggling to make a living. By Jennifer Valentine: Editorial Manager, OneGreenPlanet.Org May 10, 2012 Following a U.S. complaint to the World Trade Organization, India was coerced into [...]

/ 05/13/2012 4:45 AM

China dance documentary attracts continuous attention (China Daily)

The 2012 Beijing International Film Festival may have ended on April 28. But discussion on Taste of Body, which was screened at the event, continues. The 52-minute work is the only documentary at the festival and claims to be the first Chinese documentary about modern dance. By Xu Lin In China Daily ( 2012-05-11) It is co-produced by independent filmmaker [...]

/ 05/11/2012 12:25 PM

China Heavyweight: Documentary uses boxing to examine China (The Montreal Gazette)

Interview with Ottawa-based Yi Han, boxing coach Qi Moxiang and director Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze) By T’Cha Dunlevy, GAZETTE FILM CRITIC MONTREAL – When Ottawa-based film producer Yi Han first called boxing coach Qi Moxiang on his cellphone in rural China, he was at a wedding. Their conversation lasted more than an hour; by the time it was over, [...]

/ 05/09/2012 6:55 PM

Nisha Pahuja Documentary Wins Honors at Tribeca

Indian-origin filmmaker Nisha Pahuja’s documentary about the life and struggles of women in India has won the best documentary feature award and a $25,000 prize at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in America. Pahuja won for her documentary “The World Before Her,” which brings together the opposing stories of the Miss India beauty pageant [...]