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/ 03/30/2012 9:55 PM

China Heavyweight (2012, Canada / China)

Director: Yung Chang | 89 minutes | Canada, China | 2012 | Language: Sichuanese SYNOPSIS “Boxing was banned in China for decades for being too violent. Now, director Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze) follows a boxing coach as he recruits and trains poor rural teenagers to become champions for the glory of their country. Award-winning director Yung Chang (Up the [...]

/ 03/28/2012 8:42 PM

Despite the Gods (2012, Australia)

Director: Penny Vozniak | 85 minutes | Australia | 2012 | Language: (Subtitled) English, Hindi SYNOPSIS ” Welcome to India! Home of the world’s largest movie industry, where mere mortal film stars are worshiped with the same fervor as timeless Indian Gods; and the new buzzword ‘co-production’ looms on the lips of Indian financiers keen to form a Bollywood-Hollywood alliance. [...]

/ 03/25/2012 11:38 PM

Golden Slumbers (Le Sommeil d’Or) (2011, France / Cambodia)

Director: Davy Chou Country: France/Cambodia Year: 2011 Duration: 96 mins Language: Khmer and French with English subtitles Theatrical release: Cambodia, 19 Jan 2012 SYNOPSIS Discover the unknown history of the birth and destruction of Cambodian cinema, from the first film ever made in 1960 to the arrival of the Khmer Rouges in 1975. In 15 years, about 400 films were [...]

/ 03/21/2012 2:59 PM

High tech, Low life (2012 / USA – China)

Directed by Stephen Maing (2012 / USA, China) SYNOPSIS “As the Chinese government expands its efforts to “police the Internet” and block websites in the country, and television stations selectively report the news, the rising tide of censorship has aroused a wave of citizen reporters committed to investigating local news stories and crime scenes. This timely and probing documentary tracks [...]

/ 03/03/2012 1:36 PM

“Planet of snail” (2011 / South-Korea)

South Korea – Japan / 2011 / HD – 16:9 87′ (feature edition) – 52′ (TV version) Language: Korean with english subtitles Director: Seung-Jun Yi Producer: Min-Chul Kim, Gary Kam (CreativeEAST) Co-producer: Janne Niskala (Vaski Filmi / Finland) Worldwide distribution: Cat&Docs SYNOPSIS: I come from planet of snail where people communicate by touching each other. We call ourselves “snails” because [...]

/ 02/29/2012 10:23 PM

They Call It Myanmar: Lifting The Curtain (2011, USA)

  2011 | USA | 58, 83 min |Director: Robert H. Lieberman | Producers: Deborah C. Hoard, Photosynthesis Productions About Burma SYNOPSIS “The story of Burma, told with stunning footage shot clandestinely over a 2 year period by filmmaker Robert H. Lieberman. It provides an astonishing and intimate look inside at what has been one of the most isolated countries on the planet, [...]

/ 02/11/2012 6:47 PM

The Vanishing Spring Light (2011, China / Canada)

Director: Xun Yu | 80 & 112 minutes | China, Canada | 2011 | Language: Mandarin, English About China SYNOPSIS “In a Sichuan town, in an old district soon to be demolished, Madame Jiang lives with some of her family, who have transformed her house into a mah-jong parlour. As she lies on her deathbed, family conflicts escalate.” ( “Director [...]

/ 02/11/2012 5:57 PM

Ai Wei Wei (2011, USA / China)

Director: Alison Klayman | 91 minutes | USA, China | 2011 | Language: (Subtitled) English, Mandarin | About China SYNOPSIS “With unprecedented access, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry follows China’s most renowned artist and activist; his art, politics and humour revealing a man of unrelenting spirit and defiance, who inspires millions across the world. China’s most famous international artist, Ai WeiWei, [...]

/ 01/29/2012 11:54 PM

Money and Honey (2011, Taiwan)

Director: LEE Ching-hui / Taiwan / 2011 / 95 min SYNOPSIS ” MONEY AND HONEY an Asian epic documentary on migrant workers spanning thirteen years. Director Jasmine Ching-hui LEE first came into contact with Filipino caretakers in the Taipei nursing home, where her grandparents were under care. Living away from their loved ones, both the Filipino caretakers and the elderly residents suffer from [...]

/ 04/25/2011 6:00 PM

“My Chinese Acquaintances”

  Running Time: 70 min Commentary Language: Chinese Subtitile: Chinese/Chinese Year of Production: 2010/2011 Author: Andrew Lone;Shen Xiaomin Director: Andrew Lone;Shen Xiaomin Company of Production: Yuezhong Film & TV Co, Shenzhen, China Synopsis: . The most glorious but seldom mentioned history of the World WarⅡ in China. . A personal history of a 92-year-old soldier written in blood and tears. . The Chinese encounter of Major John [...]