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/ 08/04/2012 2:06 PM

TVF secures major Asian deals (

Distributor TVF International has acquired several new Asian programmes, and made a number of UK documentary sales. It has picked up “Special Forces” from History Channel Asia, a documentary series that looks at Asiaai??i??s elite special ops unit; “Asiaai??i??s Underworld” from C&I Network Asia, which looks at the face of crime in the region; “Property Hunter” from Channel NewsAsia and [...]

/ 08/03/2012 1:59 PM

Taiwan public television joins Asian Pitch (

order zoloft online cheap, acquire dapoxetine. PTS President Sunshine Kuang (second left) and representatives from Japanai??i??s NHK, Singaporeai??i??s MediaCorp and South Koreaai??i??s KBS shake on their future collaboration in The Asian Pitch July 31. (CNA) Taiwan Public Television Service has been invited to take part in The Asian Pitch to assist in the selection of high-definition documentaries for funding, broadcast, [...]

/ 04/25/2012 2:51 PM

The Worldai??i??s Most Fashionable Prison (2012, Singapore / UK)

Director: CK Mak | 67 minutes | Singapore, UK | 2012 | Language: (Subtitled) English, Tagalog | Ai?? SYNOPSIS ” Award-winning fashion designer Puey Quinones and his dresses make regular appearances on red carpet events and celebrity weddings. For the past four years, the petite gay 31-yearold has been leading a double life. Away from the celebrity and public adoration, [...]

/ 02/08/2012 10:55 PM

“The fall of Singapore”, re-discovering the Japanese Occupation (New Straits Times)

In conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the fall of Singapore, Discovery Channel presents an in-depth look at the event in a special two-part series, “1942 ai??i?? The Fall Of Singapore”. By Ridhatul Rizki Sayuti New Straits Times The documentary features rarely seen archival footage and reenactments that reveal new and shocking insight into the events.Ai?? Once known as the [...]

/ 02/07/2012 11:57 PM

8 Asian docs invited to Paris by Cinema du RAi??el 2012

EightAi??Asian films (including 4 shorts) have been selected for the 2012 edition of the CinAi??ma du RAi??el documentary festival at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France (22 Mar ai??i?? 3 Apr 2012). buy zoloft online cheap, buy dapoxetine. Among its 8 films, the international competition section includes the world premiere of Pathway e?i??ei??? (China, 113ai??i??, 2011), by China’s XU Xin [...]

Discovery Asia-Pacific and NHK launch doc copro on Japanai??i??s recovery
/ 01/17/2012 2:29 AM

Discovery Asia-Pacific and NHK launch doc copro on Japanai??i??s recovery

A documentary coproduction between Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Japanai??i??s public broadcaster NHK and prodco Bang Singapore, featuring Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, will document the recovery of Japan after its devastating tsunami and earthquake of last March. According to Discovery Asia-Pacific, the coproduction will have a Japanese director, cameraman and editor together with an international executive production team. The filmAi??will have a [...]

/ 10/20/2011 12:11 AM

AETN All Asia Networks orders more episodes of “Hidden Cities”

AETN All Asia Networks has expanded the lineup of HISTORYai??i??s flagship original production “Hidden Cities” from four episodes to eight, with this season featuring seven countries and premiering November 23. Hosted by Anthony Morse, “Hidden Cities” explores Asiaai??i??s forgotten treasures with the help of local guides, historians, archaeologists and scientists. The series is produced by Singapore-based media company Beach House [...]

/ 09/30/2011 10:49 PM

The Asian Pitch 2011 picks three projects from India, Malaysia and South Korea

Three Asian directorsAi??will have their documentary projects commissioned by three of the regionai??i??s public broadcasters through this yearai??i??s Asian Pitch. The Asian Pitch sees public broadcasters Japan’s NHK, Singapore’s MediaCorp and Korea’s KBS provide full funding to directors who live and work in Asia to produce films about the region. The three projects are “Shepherds of Paradise” from Indiaai??i??s Raja [...]

/ 09/21/2011 4:25 PM

Reshuffle continues at FremantleMedia (C21 Media)

FremantleMedia has appointed a new MD of its Asian operation as part of an ongoing reshuffle at the global production group. Paul O’Hanlon has been promoted into the MD role from his current position of executive producer, production and development at FremantleMedia Australia, which he has held since February. He will report to Ian Hogg, the CEO of Asia Pacific, [...]

/ 08/17/2011 1:38 PM

SUNTV launched the first Chinese Documentary online Award

With the slogan of “Show your mind, Vote your eyes”, iSuntv Chinese Documentary Award isAi??a newAi??online documentary event organised by SUNTV (Hongkong). This is a unique doc competition on internet with film exhibition, netizen voting and jury reviewing. According to SUNTV announcement, “netizens after registering can watch the 180 submissions from Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Netizens after [...]