Wuxing / BBC co-pro doc about “Kung Fu” starts shooting in West China (sina.com)

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The documentary “Kung Fu” (Gong Fu) co-produced by Beijing Wuxing Legend Production and the BBC has started shooting in Dunhuang, Gansu province. 

Mark Harris, who have won three Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature, will be the executive producer of the doc. He will also write the script for the doc, which will be composed of interviews on the famous representatives of major Kung Fu schools and Kung Fu learners scattered among ordinary people.

The producer also plans to interview more than 50 descendants of all Kung Fu schools every year to form the biggest Kung Fu video library.

The entire doc will be featured with two themes — “legend” and “discovering”.

The doc shooting will run for ten years and each year will launch one new season. The doc will adopt new 3D motion capture techniques to enhance the visual enjoyment.

“Kung Fu” will adopt BBC’s classic double narration. In every single episode, two “Kung Fu seeker”, one from China and the other from Western, will lead the audience to learn about Kung Fu.

According to sina.com, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel have had interest in the script of “Kung Fu” and plan to buy rights.

Source: sina.com (07/08/2012)

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