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EIDF 2012: 15 doc films in the 2 competitions

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On August 17, EBS will open its 9th International Documentary Festival.Ai??As usual, EIDF will showcase a selection of film and TV docs from all over the world. Some of these films will be part of the 2 official competitions (Festival Choice and Edu Choice ). Others will be shown in different non competition sections such as KOrean Panorama, World Showcase, Docs on sports, Music Docs or Short Docs.

TheAi??Opening film will be ai???Bullyai??? (USA/2011).

A total amount of 40 000 US$ will be awarded in the main competition sections (22 000 USD for Festival Choice and 18 000 USD for Edu Choice)

Festival choice

Jury: Ross Mcelwee, Nino Kirtadze, Likka Vehkalahti, Jacob Wong, Yi Seung Yun

10 international films have been selected :

. The Ambassador (Denmark/2011)

. Big Boys Gone Bananas! (Sweden/2012)

. Going up the Stairs (Iran / 2011)

. High Tech, Low Life (USA / 2012)

.Ai??Mama Illegal (Austria / 2011 )

. Private Universe (Czech Republic / 2012 )

. Putin’s Kiss (Denmark / 2011 )

. The Reluctant Revolutionary (UK / 2012 )

. The Virgin, the Copts and Me (France ai??i?? Qatar / 2012 )

. The World Before Her (Canada / 2012 )

3 of them are from or about Asia :

. Going up the Stairs (Iran / 2011)

Rokhsareh Ghaem MAGHAMI

Akram, an illiterate Iranian woman, discovered her talent quite by chance at the age of 50, when she was helping her grandson with his homework. She was married off at the age of nine to the then 28-year-old Heydar. When her authoritarian spouse is out, Akram paints
as if her life depends on it. But then her “hobby” is discovered and an exhibition of her work is organized in Paris.Ai??This beautiful comedic documentary unravels the magic of art. Iranian woman Akram happens to find her talent in painting at the age of 50 while helping her grandsonai??i??s homework. She married when she was nine to a man 19 years older than her. Typical Iranian woman, she is illiterate, but with the language of painting, she starts to express herself. At first, she paints while her husband is at work, and hides her secret under the carpet. But when this amateur painter is invited to a Paris exhibition, the story turns towards a whole different direction. Since Iranian women must obtain their husbandai??i??s official permission to take an overseas trip, Akram, now officially a painter, earnestly persuades her husband. She coaxes him, threatens him, and decorates their house with her paintings to travel the world as a painter, but her husband thinks her dream is useless. The tension between this old couple, whose power situation has now been reversed, is comical; and Akramai??i??s paintings are amazing. The camera faithfully captures this interesting quarrel and the old artistai??i??s passion. Akramai??i??s paintings embrace the hard yet fertile life of an Iranian woman. From the perspective of a young Iranian female filmmaker, the portrait of this old woman in the film contains all the colorful issues from the patriarchal culture, common in Islamic societies, to gender differences and to cultural identity. What message would this old, humorous and charming artist convey to Parisians who use a different language? It is somewhat consoling to look at an old woman who ai???goes up the stairsai??? to make her dream come true. (JEONG Minah)

Film page on EIDF website

. High Tech, Low Life (USA / 2012)

Director Stephen MAING

Film page on EIDF website

. The World Before Her (Canada / 2012 )Ai??

Film page on EIDF website

Edu ChoiceAi??

5 international films have been selected. None of them is about or from Asia.

. Deaf Jam (USA / 2011 )
. In My Motherai??i??s Arms (Irak ai??i?? Netherlands ai??i?? UK / 2011 )
. Inocente (USA / 2012 )
. Tall Girls – A Story of Giants (Germany / 2011 )
. We Will Be Happy One Day (Poland / 2011 )

EIDF website

Source: EIDF

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