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Pakistanai??i??s Oscar-Winning film to be screened in India (

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Pakistanai??i??s only Filmmaker to collect an Oscar, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is overjoyed with the success of her documentary film Saving Face, which has been screened in many countries all across the globe.

The documentary will now be making its debut in neighboring India. Saving Face will be screened by the Asian Society in Delhi and Mumbai on the 23rd and 24th of this month.Ai??

Saving Face is a documentary that depicts the victimized and oppressed side of Pakistan. It shows the population mostly women who are victims of the brutal acid attacks, rampant throughout the country. The film follows the horrific personal stories of victims, and how the nation is coping up with this ever-increasing social issue.

Besides Saving Face, Chinoy is also known for her internationally acclaimed mini-documentary ai???Pakistanai??i??s Taliban Generationai??? which was the recipient of the Alfred I Dupont Award and the Association for International Broadcasting Award. In addition, she has also won an Emmy in 2010 for her documentary, Pakistan: Children of the Taliban cheap zoloft online, dapoxetine online. .

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