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In 2012, 17 projects will benefit from the Asian Network of Documentary [AND] Fund.

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The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) has just announced 31 Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) recipients this year (19 Asian projects, 12 Korean projects), including 17 projects which will benefit from the Asian Network of Documentary [AND] Fund.

AND Fund winners include Tamara Stepanyanai??i??s Embers, a Lebanese documentary about the older generation, and Shahin Parhamiai??i??s documentary about the downfall of a female dancer in pre-Revolutionary Iran. Kim Dong-ryung and Park Kyoung-taeai??i??s Tour Of Duty tells the story of a military base town in Korea, its history and inhabitants. “Footprints in the desert” by speaks about Indian Pakistan Border.

-Asian Network of Documentary [AND] Fund: 17 projects
(11 projects from Asia, 6 from Korea)

According to organizers, “ACF2012 AND Fund saw an increase in the number of submissions as well as a diversification of subject matter. This year, there was a wealth of excellent Chinese documentaries that were filmed with unique documentary techniques.”

Selected for the AND Fund is

. Tamara STEPANYANai??i??s (Lebanon) ai???Embersai???, a documentary of the older generation, full of beautiful portrait-like interview shots.

. ai???Shahrzaadai??i??s Taleai??? by Shahin PARHAMI (Iran, Canada) about a female dancer who became a homeless person set in the pre-Revolutionary Iran,

. ai???SELECTION: Who will be a Gurkha?ai??? by Kesang Tseten LAMA (Nepal) about the English army recruitment process,

. ai???Stone Townai??? by GUO Jing and KE Dingding (China) about two men with contrasting personalities in the rapidly changing Chinese society will be completed through ACF2012 AND Fund.

Three documentary projects that look at lives around national borders ai??i?? ai???Footprints in the desertai??? (India) (see the film page on ADN projects database), ai???We State, A Forsaken Peopleai??? (China, Myanmar), and ai???Fluid Boundariesai??? (South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia) ai??i?? were selected to receive the DMZ Fund, co-sponsored by DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival.

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A total of 6 Korean documentary projects with a breadth of subject matter and strong focus are selected to receive the AND fund.

. ai???Shall We Dance?ai??? by KIM Mire looks at the Korean Telecommunications (KT) companyai??i??s national call-in controversy surrounding the selection ofAi??New 7 Wonders of Nature. KIM Mire has produced several documentaries on female workers and labor issues.

. KIM Junho and Bluefly bring in a critical lens on people-powered protests and labor movements in ai???Watching, The Labor Movement!ai???

. KIM Kyungmanai??i??s ai???People Passing Byai??? exhibits a bold experimental approach and a clear thematic focus.

Among the AND Fundai??i??s Post-production Fund recipients,

. ai???Wellang Threiai??? by KIM Tae-il follows the Threi family, a wealthy farming family and a Cambodian minority.

. KIM Dong-ryung and PARK Kyoung-taeai??i??s collaboration ai???Tour of Dutyai??? uses original imageries and refined directing skills to tell the story of the people living in and the history of a military camp town.

Among the Busan/Gyeongnam Projects,Ai??. PARK Bae-il in ai???Life Built on Sandai???experimented with a more documentary-like approach to the theme of community conflicts than in his previous works.

BIFF reported the 31 projects were selected from ai???396 fresh and innovative projects with a clear point of viewai???. The 17th BIFF will run Oct 4 ai??i?? 13, 2012.

You can see full list of ACF 2012 winners on

Asian Cinema Fund is a unified body of production support programs for developing Asian films and promoting them worldwide.

The Post-production Fund is a coalition with Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and is sponsored by Stareast Digital Lab Ltd., CJ PowerCast, Studio SH, Wavelab STD (Audio Post-production), and Kodak Korea Ltd. The Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund is made possible by Youngsan University, Dongseo University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, Kyungsung University, Dong-eui University, Busan University, Busan Bank, BIFF Supporters, Digital Contents Network Association (DCNA), DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival, and Busan Film Council.

SOURCE: ACF (3/7/2012)


.Ai??ai???Footprints in the Desertai??? (India) (In production)

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