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Blakeway Productions has partnered a Chinese indie to make a landmark series about the West that is being lined up for state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV).

The Ten Alps-owned documentary specialist is in production on the 7 x 30-minute series that will feature China media theorist Hugo de Burgh unpicking some of the myths about Western culture.

By Jake Kanter

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Blakeway was hand-picked to be involved in the series by the undisclosed Chinese indie, which is financing the project and leading negotiations with CCTV.

The aim is to convince CCTV to broadcast the films, titled “What You Didn’t Know About The West”, during the Chinese public holiday in October, when audiences are at their peak. However, the broadcaster is unlikely to make a final decision on whether to buy the series until it is delivered.

It is understood that Blakeway is receiving a “healthy” tariff from its unnamed Chinese partner that falls somewhere between the budget for a primetime show on a terrestrial and a digital channel.

The Chinese producer wishes to remain silent to avoid being inundated with approaches from other UK producers. Instead, it will be selective about the partners it works with as its UK co-production strategy is at a “tentative” stage.

“What You Didn’t Know About the West” will focus on different themes each episode, including education, obesity and the media – particularly in the light of the Leveson inquiry.

“It’s a very exciting project and hopefully, if it all works out, there will be more work for Blakeway in China,” said Fiona Stourton, creative director of Ten Alps TV. “The series aims to provide some lessons about the way the West does things – the Chinese hope to learn from our mistakes.”


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