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Tokyo Waka (2012, USA/Japan)

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Directors: John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson | 63 minutes | USA, Japan | 2012 | Language: English, JapaneseAi??

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“TOKYO WAKA is a 63-minute documentary essay about Tokyoai??i??s crows, with digressions into art, history, and culture. It is a poem about Tokyo and its people, and the relentless tenacity of nature in a most unnatural world.

Tokyo. A resilient metropolis endlessly creating itself anew. Nature seems to have been banished, yet there is a parallel population living in Tokyo alongside its citizens. Crows are everywhere, perched on buildings, trees, and power lines, watching the activity beneath them, participating when they choose. Some 20,000 crows roam the city, commuting through the sky along their own traffic corridors. The 13 million people of Tokyo, who prefer their nature mediated and under control, have been stared down by an avatar of the unruly natural world.”

ai???Taking flight through Tokyo, this look at the ai???metabolismai??? of the metropolis focuses on its unlikely spirit animal: the jungle crowai??i??turnedai??i??big-city survivor, spotlighting the whip-smart, resourceful creatures that pick through trash, build nests of stolen hangers and use cars to crack nuts. .ai??? (SFIFF 2012)

“Japanese silk screens challenge our Western eyes to forget vanishing points and find depth by pondering relationships on the tableau. This introspective essay on Tokyo and its innumerable crows draws us in with similar deep focus and artful intent. Told as much from the birds’ perspective as it is from the city’s human residents, it speaks volumes about the interplay between who is being watched, who is doing the watching and the circle of life.” ai??i?? ASH (Silverdocs)


Directors: John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson

AboutAi??John Haptas
John Haptas practiced law in Oakland, CA before teaming up with Kristine Samuelson. He spent some years as a location sound mixer but currently works as a documentary film editor. His editing credits include Soundtrack to a Riot for FrontlineWorld (Emmy Nomination), Hunting the Hidden Dimension, a program on fractalgeometry for PBS Nova (“Pierre-Gilles de Gennes” Science Film Prize), and Inside Guatanamo Bay, a two-hour National Geographic Explorer special (editor/co-writer; Emmy nominations for Best Documentary and for Writing). He is currently editing a film about Susan Sontag.Ai??(SFIFF 2012)

About Kristine Samuelson
Kristine Samuelson, a professor of art and art history at Stanford University, directed the Academy Award nominated documentary short Arthur and Lillie (1975). She has since collaborated with Tokyo Waka codirector John Haptas on numerous films, including The Days And The Hours (SFIFF 2007), Empire of the Moon (SFIFF 1992) and Wrong Place, Wrong Time (SFIFF 1988). The pair also codirected a segment (The World As We Know It) for the omnibus film Underground Zero (2002). (SFIFF 2012)


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Festivals: San Francisco International Film Festival 2012Ai??World Premiere

“The belle of the festival” – SF Appeal
“Elegiac . . a rich meditation” – David D’Arcy, IndieWire
“A beautiful ode” – BeyondChron

Green Film Festival in Seoul (Grand Prize, Best Feature Film)

International Buddhist Film Festival,Ai??Bangkok

AFI/Discovery Channel SilverDocs Documentary Festival clomid buy online, buy clomid online. 2012


.Ai??6 doc films about Asia at Silverdocs 2012

.Ai??The 55th San Francisco International Film Festival presents 5 doc feat. from or about Asia Pacific

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