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Sundance embraces documentary film on girls adopted from China (Washington Times)

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NEW YORK, June 6, 2012 — A new documentary film is generating big interest in the adoption community.

Although “Somewhere Between”, a documentary about four teenage girls adopted from China and living in the United States, is not yet ready for national release, it has received an Audience Award at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto and has been selected for Sundance’s Film Forward Program.

This past spring the film got an infusion of money through Kickstarter, an online platform that helps creative projects find funding that will enable the filmmakers to finalize the film and prepare it for theatrical release.

Somewhere Between resonates because it examines the rich and complicated inner lives of four American girls, all born in China. Director Linda Goldstein Knowlton followed these girls for three years.

Each girl has a unique family and each has her own perspective on life, but they are united by the fact that they are trans-racial adoptees living in America. All four were adopted from China because they had birth parents who could not keep them due to various circumstances surrounding China’s ‘One Child Policy.’

There are over 80,000 children like these four girls, kids adopted from China now growing up in the U.S. More than 90 percent of them are girls.

“I hope the film will create an emotional experience for viewers, and in the process educate and help create a language that helps describe what it means to be “other” in the U.S.,” says the film’s director Linda Goldstein Knowlton. “ I also hope the film will inspire reflection on how we all form our identities, and on our growing global and personal interconnections, especially those networks of women and girls that have been formed due to this large wave of adoptions.”

Goldstein Knowlton comes to this project with an illustrious film background. She previously co-directed and co-produced the feature-length documentary, The World According to Sesame Street, which made its world debt at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival as an Official Selection in the U.S. Documentary category. She also produced the indie-hit Whale Rider, which was directed by Niki Caro in 2002. Goldstein Knowlton has been a fundraiser for The American Film Institute, in Washington, D.C., and, later, in Los Angeles.

“Somewhere Between” will open in Washington on Oct. 12 at Landmark E Street Cinema and in other theaters throughout the country this fall.

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