My Marriage, My Parents (Taiwan/China) (in production)

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Set in Taiwan, “My Marriage, My Parents” asks: How do you make peace with parents when they become the greatest opponents of your desired marriage? A matchmaker with a unique philosophy for marriage may provide the key.

Director: Wuna Wu

Selected for PUMA.Creative Catalyst Award 2012


How does marriage, a happy union between two people in love, turn families into enemies?
In Taiwan, a country with the lowest marriage and birth rate in the world. When two people tell their families that they’re getting married, obstacles abound. Follow us on this twisted journey into the distorted world of Chinese “unholy” matrimony.

Long Synopsis
When Wuna decided to marry her soul mate, she thought her father would be supportive and welcome a son-in-law into the family. But to her dismay he was against her marrying a man four years younger than her, believing the marriage would be doomed. She soon found countless couples-to-be going through this battle with their parents, and wondered if this is what’s contributing the low marriage and birth rate in Taiwan.
Bill’s parents think his fiancée Yolanda isn’t good enough for Bill and take it upon themselves to set up dates for Bill in order he can meet and marry a woman they find suitable. When Bill refuses to leave Yolanda, Bill’s parents write him out of their will and refuse to attend the wedding.
Stella had always been daddy’s little girl so when Stella finally decides to get married, her dad just couldn’t accept it. He threatens to kidnap Stella in order to prevent her from marrying Wilson. There’s nothing wrong with Wilson, Stella’s dad just can’t accept that his little girl is leaving him.
Duby and Wendy have bigger problems: the selected wedding date isn’t prosperous; Wendy is older than Duby; and according to customs, Wendy isn’t allowed to get married within 3 years after her grandfather’s passing. Wendy’s dad is beyond livid that Wendy is still deciding to marry, while Wendy’s mom is caught in the middle. The whole family is torn apart.

We see three couples battle it out with their respective parents as a modern-day matchmaker pulls double duty as mediator in an attempt to bridge the generational and cultural gaps parents and children.

MY MARRIAGE, MY PARENTS reveals the pain, love, humour, anguish and misunderstandings that Chinese families feel about marriage for the next generation.

About the director
Tai-jen Wu is a documentary director/producer whose films take on unique feminine sensibilities and keenness. Wu’s films have been shown at various international film festivals, including Prix Regards Neufs of 2005 VISIONS DU REEL – NYON for her film FAREWELL1999. WU and her directing/producing partner Chih-han Chen began making more socially relevant and conscious films in 2008. Their first two films, LET’S FALL IN LOVE and THE DREAM NEVER SETS have been theatrically released in Taiwan to high acclaim.

Key Personnel:
Chih-han Chen is a documentary cinematographer/director. While working in community building CHAN realized the power of documentaries and decided to use documentary filmmaking to change his society. CHAN and his directing/producing partner Tai-jen Wu began making socially relevant and conscious films in 2008. Their first two films, LET’S FALL IN LOVE and THE DREAM NEVER SETS have been theatrically released in Taiwan to high acclaim.


Looking for further financing and international distribution.


Production company: The Classic Vision Co., Ltd.

Producer: Wuna,Wu
Country of production: Taiwan

Technical Information:

Length: about 80minutes
Stage of development: prepare to post production
Production format: HD
Production date: start at 2008
Shooting location: China /Taiwan

End of production : December 31,2012
Date of release: Jun, 2012

Existing Partners:
Broadcaster: No
Producers: No

Authors: The Classic Vision
Director: Wuna,Wu (Tai-Jen, Wu) / Maso, Chen (Chih-han Chen)

Budget/Financing Plan:

Total Budget: 290,000 USD
Self Funding: 80,000 USD
Looking for 210,000 USD

Film page on

SOURCE: Britdoc, The Classic Vision

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