Land of the Panda (France / China)

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Title: Land of the Panda


Reclusive and enigmatic, giant pandas are among the most lovable of the word’s endangered species. Now for the first time in high definition, bamboo shoots give way to close up shots of these extraordinary creatures in their natural habitat.

Shot on location in the misty mountains of China, the undoubted highlight is rare footage of the pandas mating in the wild. Told with great sensitivity, the story captures this and other magical moments through closely observing a team of biologists working to increase the panda population. With access to breeding centers as well as in-depth filming in the wild, this is natural history at its most personal allowing us to form a real connection with our planet’s gentlest of giants.

Production company: ITV Studios France

Producer: Nicolas Deschamps

Country of production: France

Technical Information:

Length: 50 minutes

Stage of development: editing

Production format: HD

Original language: French / English

Production date: 2012

Shooting location: China, Sichuan Province

End of production : September 2012

Date of release: December 2012

Existing Partners:

Broadcaster: France Television

Producers: CICC, RTBF


Director:  Thierry Machado

Thierry Machado is a producer and director of photography. He has produced numerous documentaries for television and cinema, working most notably on Le Géant de la Vallée Perdue (2002), Loup (2009), La Planète blanche (2005), Le Dernier Trappeur (2004), Le peuple migrateur (2001) et Microcosmos (1996) which received a César for photography and the CST Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Stéphane Durand divides his time between scripts, scientific literature, preparation and filming and writing books. In 2002, he co-wrote the film Les Ailes de la Nature,  and wrote the televised adaptation, as well as Peuples des Océans, Le Peuple Migrateurs, Les Voyageurs du Ciel et de la Mer, and Océans. He produced Le Ciel et de la Mer in double IMAX, in 2003 and in 2009 he published 5 books to accompany the film Océans.

Budget/Financing Plan:

Total Budget –

Self Funding -

Looking for broadcasters

Production contacts:

Nicolas Deschamps mail 


Nicolas Deschamps (ITV Studio France): “Land of the Panda is a film where emotion is driving awareness”

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