“Crossing the Bering Strait” (Germany) (pre-production)

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Title: Crossing the Bering Strait


Theyai??i??re the Odd Couple of the new millennium: George Koumal and Joe Henri. This unlikely duo have dedicated their lives to connecting Siberia and Alaska via the longest tunnel in the world ai??i?? 85 kilometers across the Bering Strait.

The intercontinental railway would drastically shorten transport times between Asia and North America, and provide vital infrastructure for tapping the Arcticai??i??s vast natural resources. But the challenges are daunting: ongoing economic and political tensions, 5000 kilometers of missing tracks, and a $60 billion price tag. After 25 years of hard work, however, George and Joe are not about to give up …

Director / producerai??i??s intention:

CROSSING THE BERING STRAIT is a character-driven narrative told in intimate and breathtaking imagery about the passion of two older men who, with great virtue and humor, are dedicating the last years of their lives to the hope of world peace and prosperity. A compelling look at what drives us human beings to reach beyond ourselves, CROSSING THE BERING STRAIT also addresses the key questions of our time: How are we to sustain life on this planet in the face of runaway consumerism, dwindling natural resources, never-ending socio-political strife, devastating pollution, and a population that prefers to look the other way?

Production company:

Rickfilms in association with Hanfgarn + Ufer

Producer: Rick Minnich, Gunter Hanfgarn

Country of production: Germany

Technical Information:

Length: 58 + 85 minutes
Stage of development: research, funding
Production format: HD
Original language: English, Russian, Chinese, Korean

Production date: January 2013-January 2015
Shooting location: Alaska, Siberia, South Korea, China, Washington, DC, Moscow, etc.

End of production : targeted for January 2015
Date of release: targeted for autumn 2015

Existing Partners:

Producers: Rick Minnich (Rickfilms), Gunter Hanfgarn (Hanfgarn + Ufer)


Authors: Rick Minnich
Director: Rick Minnich

Budget/Financing Plan:

Total Budget ai??i?? US$ 950,000
Self Funding – US$ 10,000
Looking for. US$ 940,000

Production contacts:

Rick Minnich
Rhinower Str. 8
10437 Berlin
Tel. +49-179-7911131
Fax: +49-30-4733013
email: rick@rickfilms.de

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