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Korean EBSai??i??s education contents go global on Google’s YouTube

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Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS), Koreaai??i??s largest free-to-air public education broadcaster, has agreed to make EBS education contents available on Googleai??i??s YouTube, the worldai??i??s largest video sharing site.

On May 15, at the headquarters of Google in California, US, EBS signed a contract of providing EBS contents to YouTube. This contract has paved the way for distributing EBS contents legally around the world.

According to the terms of the contract, “EBS will open its official channel on YouTube and supply educational programs related to Korean language education and Korean culture, which have in high demand in other nations on the back of the Korean Wave propelled by the popularity of K-Pop”.

In particular, EBSai??i??s world-class documentaries and program contents for pre-school kids will be also available on YouTube to give foreigners better access to EBSai??i??s high-quality programs.

After the signing of the contract, Dr. Kwak Duk-hoon, CEO of EBS met with Robert Kyncl, president and the Global Head of Content of YouTube to discuss ways to cooperate in the areas of global educational service and educational content.

EBS CEO Kwak Duk-hoon said, ai???It is very meaningful that educational content of EBS promote the concept of ai???smart educationai??? era and advance via global video sharing platform ai??? As EBS aims to become one of the worldai??i??s best education media group, the business partnership of EBS with Google YouTube will help us take a giant step towards becoming one of the worldai??i??s leading providers of educational

The Vice President Robert Kyncl said, ai???I know that Korea is famous for its zeal for education. Google also sets a high premium on education. YouTube is the optimum channel to amplify educational effects. This partnership will enrich YouTube with Koreaai??i??s educational content and allow global YouTube users to take advantage of high-quality educational

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By capitalizing on You Tubeai??i??s content verification technology called ai???CID (Content ID), which creates an ID File for copyrighted audio and video material, and stores it in a database, EBS will be able to effectively manage its intellectual property rights to EBS contents. EBS mentioned that by obtaining a new worldwide distribution channel EBS will gain an opportunity to draw up a new strategy of creating content in the new market. EBS and Google are set to have further discussions to thrash out ways to distribute EBS content on a larger scale.

EDRB Website

This initiative follows another web based project. EBS Educational Digital Resource Bank (or EDRB, which opened in November in 2011, is housing approximately 37,400 open clips as of now and about 17,000 video clips are currently in the making. EDRBai??i??s goal is to produce up to 70,000 class clips by the end of this year.

EBS has drawn up a five-year plan for the production of class clips in the mid-term to meet the goal of producing as many as 200,000 educational video clips by 2015.

According to EBS, “EDRB can be called as a treasure-house of digital education for both teachers and students. All the contents including EBS documentaries are edited into video clips that last up to five minutes and then EDRB uploads those clips as audio-visual educational materials”. Data are available in the forms of videos, images, texts and activity to encompass data retrieval and data use by teachers and students. As for the production of video clips, EDRB Content Research Society was created to allow teachers to get involved with content production: first, teachers watch EBS programs and select out educational video clips to produce class clips.

EDRB also offers high-resolution (1Mbps) video services to maintain the quality of their video contents, which are based on Koreaai??i??s metadata standard ai???KEM In addition, the convenience of data searches and user friendliness are enhanced by functions such as keyword searches, categorized searches, content packaging, copies of uniform resource locators (URL) and SNS data sharing. On top of that, the use of UCC and E-Book solutions helps produce teaching and learning materials by using EDRB contents. All of the data is based on open API (a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other), so relevant information on Edunet ( and national information portal ( is offered as additional educational data to support teaching and learning processes.

Kwak Duk-hoon, CEO of EBS, said, ai???No matter how excellent some educational materials are, if they are not easy to use, they are, unfortunately, useless. Thus, we have paid keen attention to better accessibility and user

To expand its educational material activity, EBS aims to supply high-quality educational contents to teachers and students around the globe. EBSai??i??s future moves deserve attention since its collaboration with Google definitely has brought EBS one step closer to its goal of globalization.

EBSai??i??s Education Contents Go Global by Google

SOURCE: Korea IT Times (21/5/2012)

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