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Zeitgeist acquires Canada/China doc “China Heavyweight”

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Zeitgeist Films has acquired US rights to Yung Chang’s “China Heavyweight,” the documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The film is Chang’s follow-up to the acclaimed “Up The Yangtze,” which Zeitgeist also distributed. A Summer 2012 release in planned.

Zeitgeist made the annoucement on 4th April. The distribution company will acquire the U. S. rights from EyeSteelFilms.

EyeSteel was also the producer of Yung Chang’s ‘Up the Yangtze’ and Lixin Fan’s ‘Last Train Home’, both of which Zeitgeist distributed in the U. S.   

Zeitgeist co-presidents Nancy Gerstman and Emily Russo have “been overwhelmed by the young, brilliant filmmakers who are dedicated to bringing out the complexities of China during this turbulent time. Yung and Lixin and Eyesteel have been some of the best people we’ve ever worked with.”

Bob Moore at EyeSteelFilm said that  “After the success of ‘Last Train Home’ and Yung Chang’s ‘Up the Yangtze’, we’re extremely pleased to be working with the wonderful team from Zeitgeist films once again.“    

Zeitgeist’s most recent film was THE SALT OF LIFE, with Jennifer Baichwal’s PAYBACK and Andrey Zvyagintsev’s ELENA coming up this Spring.    BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK, one of the highest grossing documentaries of the year, and Lynn Hershman Leeson’s !WOMEN ART REVOLUTION have recently been released on DVD and Digital.

SOURCES: EyeSteel, Zeitgeist (4/04/2012)

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