The Green Call of China (in production)

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Title: The Green Call of China (working title) 


With an emerging fast-paced economy the entire world is moving its operations to China and the expats are very comfortably adjusting to their new homes. All is very positive and going great but on the flipside, the country has been plagued by food safety scares on many levels, everything from tainted milk, sausages made from pork raised on a banned chemical, deadly infant formula, chemical laden vegetables to poisoned white flour. Past records show hundreds of deaths and casualties and this fear looms over the entire country of not falling prey to those few guilty and profit centric businesses that would do anything to earn an extra buck. Food safety has become a national issue and it has moved high on the government’s agenda, it has also frightened consumers who don’t know what’s in the food they’re buying and are wary. Reports surface on a daily basis and consumers be it locals or expats do not know where to turn to for clean, safe and fresh foods. This is the underbelly of this emerging superpower with many questions! How much can the law do? Is it enough to put a stop to those money-minded sharks? Are there any organizations taking on this challenge? or is it left to people to find their own solutions? What guarantee and how secure is the food? Do we have to grow our own vegetables and raise our own pigs to feel assured that the food we eat is safe? Will we succumb or find a way out? Is there any hope? The Green CALL of China is not a solution but an eye-opener to many unanswered questions in the wake of educating and informing on ways of getting cleaner, safer and healthier food for a better life in the world’s second largest economy.

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Production company: 16th Street Productions P/L

Producer: Vijaykumar Mirchandani

Country of production: China

Technical Information:

Length: 60 minutes

Stage of development: Production (shooting almost 75% complete)

Production format: HD

Production date: May 2011 …on going

Shooting location: China

Existing Partners:

Broadcaster: Looking Out

Producers: Vijaykumar Mirchandani

AuthorsKimberly Ashton / Vijaykumar Mirchandani

DirectorVijaykumar Mirchandani

Budget/Financing Plan:

Total Budget – 40,000 USD

Self Funding – 10,000 USD

Looking for more Production & Completion funds through Funding Bodies, Channel Broadcasters, Sponsors and the like.


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