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The 55th San Francisco International Film Festival presents 5 doc feat. from or about Asia Pacific

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The 55th San Francisco International Film Festival runs April 19-May 3. As usual, the spring event is an ”extraordinary showcase of cinematic discovery and innovation”. This year 31 feature docs have been included in the festival’s selection. Among them, 5 films are from or about Asia Pacific.

. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Alison Klayman,  USA/China, 2012

“Renowned artist and dissident Ai Weiwei has waged an uncompromising battle against censorship and authoritarian government using imagination, skill and the social media of the day. This up-close, riveting look at the artist and rebel is a persuasive portrait of today’s China and the union of art and politics in a globalized age.”

. The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi, and 27 Years Without Images

Eric Baudelaire, France, 2011

“Japanese New Wave figure Masao Adachi abandoned filmmaking for Beirut and the left-wing Japanese Red Army, led by Fusako Shigenobu. This fascinating look at cinema, revolution, landscape and memory combines rich reflections of Shigenobu’s daughter May and Adachi.”

. Bitter Seeds

Micha X. Peled, USA, 2011

“Manjusha, a farmer’s daughter, is the heroine of the final film in documentary filmmaker Micha X. Peled’s globalization trilogy. As a journalist in training, without mentor or encouragement, she fights to give powerless Indian cotton farmers a voice against multinational seed and pesticide giant, the Monsanto Corporation.”

. Golden Slumbers

Davy Chou, Cambodia/France, 2011

“This exceptional documentary summons the spirits of Cambodian cinema’s golden age, which ended during the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror. Blending interviews, classic songs and poetic examinations of former movie palaces, Golden Slumbers is testament to the captivating power of art in the face of tragedy.”

Film page in ADN database

. Tokyo Waka

John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson, USA/Japan, 2012

“Taking flight through Tokyo, this look at the “metabolism” of the metropolis focuses on its unlikely spirit animal: the jungle crow–turned–big-city survivor, spotlighting the whip-smart, resourceful creatures that pick through trash, build nests of stolen hangers and use cars to crack nuts. With short Postcard from Somova, Romania (20 min).”

Golden Gate Awards Documentary Feature Jury

. Laura Gabbert’s critically acclaimed documentaries deploy humor and drama to put a human face on such difficult issues as aging, the environment and AIDS. No Impact Man premiered at Sundance in 2009 and Sunset Story (2003) won awards from Tribeca, Los Angeles and Miami film festivals among others.

. Dennis Lim is a critic and programmer based in New York. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and editorial director at the Museum of the Moving Image, where he organizes film programs and oversees the online magazine Moving Image Source.

. John Maringouin is a San Francisco–based artist and filmmaker. His films have screened at festivals from Sundance to Moscow. In 2008, his documentary Running Stumbled was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. In 2009, his film Big River Man received the World Cinema Cinematography Award.

The 55th San Francisco International Film Festival which runs April 19–May 3 will feature 200 films and live events, 14 juried awards and $70,000 in cash prizes, upwards of 100 participating filmmaker guests and diverse and engaged audiences with more than 70,000 people in attendance.

Documentary selection

SOURCE: San Francisco International Film Festival

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