Beyond the Wave 波の向こう (Germany) (In production)

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Set in Japan
58 /90 minutes
An Inselfilm Production (Berlin, Germany)

Production:    August 2011 – August 2012 in Japan


“A small town in Fukushima prefecture fights for its survival after the nuclear explosions expelled all its residents as an ironic surprise and haunt every step the townsmen take to rebuild their life.” (

“The director revisits Fukushima to find out what happens to her mother’s hometown. With the population of dispersed by the nuclear disaster, will fear and prejudice complete the job of wiping the town off the map? And why isn’t there any obvious villain in this man-made disaster?” (


Director: Kyoko Miyake
DoP: Shai Levy
Producer: Gregor Streiber


Producer: Inselfilm Prod.

Coproducers: NHK (Japan) / BBC (UK) / WDR (Germany) /IKON (Netherlands)

Pre-sales: SVT (Sweden) / Knowledge (Canada) /YES (Israel)

Winner, PUMA Creative Catalyst Award, Channel4 BritDoc Foundation
Winner, TIFFCOM Best Pitch Award, at Tokyo International Film Festival.
Winner, Best Pitch Award , Tokyo TV Forum 2011.

Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and NRW Filmstiftung. The project was selected for a prestigious talent development training scheme, Crossing Borders 2011 run by European Documentary Network.


Film page on and 


. NHK and BBC join Insefilm Prod. on “Beyond the Wave”

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