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They Call It Myanmar: Lifting The Curtain (2011, USA)

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2011 | USA | 58, 83 min |Director: Robert H. Lieberman | Producers: Deborah C. Hoard, Photosynthesis Productions

About Burma


“The story of Burma, told with stunning footage shot clandestinely over a 2 year period by filmmaker Robert H. Lieberman. It provides an astonishing and intimate look inside at what has been one of the most isolated countries on the planet, lifting the curtain on the everyday life of the people in this land that has been held hostage by a brutal and superstitious military regime for 48 years.

A revealing interview with Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi conducted just after her most recent release from house arrest is interwoven with extensive interviews and interactions with Burmese people from all around this incredibly diverse nation.

The film, culled from over 120 hours of striking images, is an impressionistic journey that leads across the vastness of Burma. It traces the history of Burma from its beginnings in the ancient city of Bagan, through colonial times, recent uprisings, the devastating Cyclone Nargis that killed 150,000 people, and up to the present day. During Lieberman’s time in Burma he shot video constantly, even though it was forbidden and risky for him to do so. And now this rare footage forms an unexpected and expressive portrait of a place they call Myanmar.” (Official film website)

“Shot clandestinely over a two-year period by bestseller author Robert H. Lieberman, THEY CALL IT MYANMAR is an impressionistic journey across the most isolated country of the world, Burma. The Film includes a rare and revealing narration by Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, newly released after 15 years of house arrest. The result is an astonishing and evocative portrait of a place that is a mystery to much of the world.” (


Director: Robert H. Lieberman

Editor: David Kossack

Producers: Robert H. Lieberman (Ithaca Filmworks Production) & Deborah C. Hoard (Photosynthesis Productions)

Cast: Aung San Suu Kyi

Music: Cameron T. Hoard 

About the production company : PhotoSynthesis Productions has been making award winning films and videos for 30 years. PSP was founded in 1980 and has been making award-winning films and videos in downtown Ithaca ever since. PSP offers complete video and DVD production services including acquisition in high definition digital video, animation, editing, motion graphics and DVD authoring. We work for world-class clients worldwide, including the National Geographic Society, National Science Foundation, Cornell University and many others. We also produce our own work with a special focus on science education and social justice.  In the last five years alone we have won almost 50 awards at film, video and interactive media competitions.

Deborah C. Hoard – President
Deborah has been a producer, writer, and researcher at PSP for 20 years, and President since 2003.  Her work is focused on education and social justice and is widely recognized for its honesty, accuracy and technical excellence. Her awards include a Silver Hugo, seven CINE Golden Eagles and eight Telly Awards.


Film page on

Video trailer on Youtube

Film page on facebook:, on twitter:!/TCIMyanmar


All requests for North American Film Festivals:
Requests for the rest of the world (Europe, Asia, S.A. etc.):

International distribution: Autlook Films Austria

Exhibition formats: HDCAM, BLU-RAY


. International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Nov 2011 (World Premiere Nov. 18, 2011)

. This Human World Film Festival (Vienna)


“A notable and often heartbreaking documentary.” —THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“A powerful work…inspiring.” —TIME OUT BEIJING, CHINA

“You will be unable to stop caring about Burma after this movie.” —AMBASSADOR KEN BRILL

“I cried while watching it.” —AUNG DINU.S. CAMPAIGN FOR BURMA


“Powerfully exposes the real sense of fear that people in Burma live with every day.” —MARK FARMANERCAMPAIGN FOR BURMA UK

“Emotionally engaging and visually stunning. In a rare and revealing interview, Aung San Suu Kyi brings authority and impact to this production.” —ØYVIND HÅBREKKEMEMBER OF NORWEGIAN PARLIAMENT

“Days later, I am still thinking about the quiet bravery and extraordinary peacefulness of the Burmese people. This film will make a very deep impression on you.” —CAROLINE BUTLERGM, CAMEO CINEMA, EDINBURGH

. “It is, as of now, the definitive film on a country, its people and an oversight long overlooked”

The Hollywood Reporter

. Filmmaker Robert Lieberman presents “They Call It Myanmar”

. New Burma Film Opens to Rave Reviews

.  They Call It Myanmar: Lifting The Curtain, Very Good Reviews (Doc) Limited


 . A professor’s documentary reveals the beauty of Burma (

. Two docs about Burma set for broadcast and big screen

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