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/ 02/18/2012 10:30 PM

Boxing clever in China (C21 Media)

Bob Moore of EyeSteel Film tells Sean Davidson (C21 Media) about the challenges his firm faced in making “China Heavyweight”, a pioneering official coproduction between Canada and China.   Some things never change. Even in China, where so many things about the TV business are being turned on their heads, there still isn’t any money for documentaries. And that, says Bob [...]

/ 02/15/2012 11:49 PM

Taiwan documentary honored by CINE Golden Eagle Award

Last saturday, a documentary produced by Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS) has received a prestigious award in the United States. “A Year in the Clouds” was one of 15 works honored in the People & Places” section in the Professional Non-fiction Division of the Fall CINE Golden Eagle Award recipients. The documentary depicts the life of a group of indigenous [...]

/ 02/15/2012 11:31 PM

Oscar-nominated doc “Saving Face” debuts March 8 on HBO

Oscar-nominated documentary “saving face”, spotlighting brave pakistani survivors of acid attacks and the determined doctor who returns to his homeland to help them, debuts march 8, exclusively on hbo. Every year in Pakistan, many people – the majority of them women – are known to be victimized by brutal acid attacks, while numerous other cases go unreported. With little or [...]

/ 02/15/2012 10:09 PM

Dialogue of Cultures Festival announces $40,000 documentary grant

Successfully launched in New York last year, the Dialogue of Cultures Festival is very proud to announce its $40,000 grant program for the production of a 30-minute documentary that best captures the festival’s theme in a creative and vibrant way.   Applications can be entered until April 30 by director/producer teams from all over the world. The winner will be [...]

/ 02/15/2012 10:29 AM

Mao’s Great Famine (released doc)

MAO’S GREAT FAMINE 52′ HD PRODUCTION: Arturo Mio Directors: Patrick Cabouat and Philippe Grangereau With the expertise of Chinese author Yang Jisheng, author of Tombstone, and Dutch professor Frank Dikötter, author of Mao’s Great Famine Available versions: English, French Synopsis “Between 1958 and 1962, China lived through tragedy on an epic scale. The “Great Leap Forward” – conceived by Mao so [...]

/ 02/12/2012 10:24 PM

Two docs about Burma set for broadcast and big screen

While Burma is entering in a new political era, 2 documentaries about this country are coming to small and big screens. . “Burma Soldier”, the film directed by Nic Dunlop and produced by Julie leBrocquy, just announced its next broadcasting in Poland, Holland, South Africa, UK, Canada, Latin America and Middle East.  Last october, the film won the Top Prize at United Nations Association [...]

/ 02/11/2012 6:47 PM

The Vanishing Spring Light (2011, China / Canada)

Director: Xun Yu | 80 & 112 minutes | China, Canada | 2011 | Language: Mandarin, English About China SYNOPSIS “In a Sichuan town, in an old district soon to be demolished, Madame Jiang lives with some of her family, who have transformed her house into a mah-jong parlour. As she lies on her deathbed, family conflicts escalate.” ( “Director [...]

/ 02/11/2012 6:43 PM

Documenting China through ordinary people’s lives (

China is so large and populous that it cannot possibly be accurately or completely portrayed in only one or two films. A series of documentaries, however, can do a fair job. By Pang Li 0 Comment(s)Print E-mail, February 9, 2012 At this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam, 17 documentaries by Chinese filmmakers were shown as part of the festival’s [...]

/ 02/11/2012 5:57 PM

Ai Wei Wei (2011, USA / China)

Director: Alison Klayman | 91 minutes | USA, China | 2011 | Language: (Subtitled) English, Mandarin | About China SYNOPSIS “With unprecedented access, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry follows China’s most renowned artist and activist; his art, politics and humour revealing a man of unrelenting spirit and defiance, who inspires millions across the world. China’s most famous international artist, Ai WeiWei, [...]

/ 02/09/2012 9:02 PM

Two Asian docs selected in this year’s Berlin Panorama Dokumente

The 62nd Berlin International Film Festival (9-19 Feb) has completed its Panorama selection. This year’s Berlin Panorama is presenting 53 feature films: 18 in the main programme, 15 in Panorama Special and 20 in Panorama Dokumente. 34 productions from 33 countries are screening as world premieres. Among the 20 documentaries, 2 are coming from Asia. Both are gay related documentaries. [...]