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“Himalaya Meltdown”: will Mount Everest be around for another century?

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A new documentary looks at the socio-economic and environmental issues that envelope the Himalayas and its glaciers. This is a must-watch for naturalists and eco warriors.

By: The Guide Team   Date:  2012-02-20

If you care for India’s fast-vanishing natural wonders that are constantly under threat from all kinds of dangers, you might want to change plans for this evening. “Himalayan Meltdown” is a documentary film co-produced by the UN Development, Discovery Asia, and US prodco Arrowhead Films. 

This documentary will look at the human development impact of the glacial ice melt on communities across Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India and Nepal which covers the extent of the world’s largest fold mountain range.

It will show the plight of the affected countries and the ways in which they have and continue to adapt, adjust and prepare for the inevitable changes that threaten the Himalayan glaciers.

It features innovative fog-catching in Nepal, man-made glaciers in India, views of life in China’s changing plateaus, and pioneering UNDP climate change adaptation projects in Bhutan and Bangladesh.

This apart, one can also learn about the technological advances from leading glaciologists, experts at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) even as the UNDP will offer insights into what is in progress and what still needs to be done for countries to address the Himalayas.
Film trailer on YouTube

Film presentation on Arrow Head Films website

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