Five Asian docs and reports selected by FIPA 2012

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Some Asian docs and reports were selected for the 25th FIPA which happened from 25 to 29 january in Biarritz (France). One of them won the Fipa d’argent Special prize in the doc section.

2012 official selection / documentary

. The Kingdom of Mr. Edhi


FIPA D’ARGENT / Special Prize

The Kingdom of Mister Edhi is a fly-on-the-wall portrait of the condition of women in Pakistan as seen through the eyes and work of a fascinating married couple: Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis Edhi, the owners and tireless leaders of the country’s largest network of social assistance.

Belgium, Spain – 2011 – 1 h 22 mn – HD • 16/9 – Colour

Director: Amélie Saillez
Writer: Amélie Saillez
Camera: Tone Andersen
Editing: Carlos Prieto
Music: Greg Remy, Thomas Giry

Production: 43 Films, E-mail :

Co-Production: Lastor Media, Mundis production, CBA – Centre Bruxellois de l’Audiovisuel, TVE-Catalunya
(Belgium, Spain)

Sales: 43 Films, Bruxelles, Belgium, E-mail :

2012 official selection / reports

. Brother Number One

Olympian and Trans-Atlantic rowing champion New Zealander Rob Hamill travels to Cambodia to appear before a War Crimes Tribunal seeking justice for his eldest brother Kerry who, along with two sailing mates, was murdered by the Khmer Rouge in 1978. Through following Rob Hamill’s personal journey, Brother Number One explores one of the “forgotten” genocides of the 20th century, examining how and why nearly 2 million Cambodians could be killed by an ultra-Maoist regime known as the Khmer Rouge.

New Zealand – 2011 – 1 h 38 mn – HD • 16/9 – Colour and B&W

Director: Annie Goldson
Writer: Annie Goldson, Rob Hamill
Camera: Peter Gilbert, Jake Bryant
Sound: Grant Lawrey
Editing: James Brown

Production: BNO Productions, Auckland, NZ,

Sales: Annie Goldson,

. The Tears of the Afghan Lord

For ten years, I have been filming Mamour Hasan, a Northern Afghan warlord, his family and his village. In 2001, Hasan used his personal army to serve the famous Commander Massoud in his battle against the Taliban. Ten years later, the village is about to fall completely in the hands of the Taliban. A big part of the former soldiers, as well as some of Mamour Hasan’s family, support the Taliban Regime. In this stronghold of anti-Taliban résistance, how did we get to this?

Belgium – 2011 – 58 mn – DV Cam • 16/9 – Colour

Director: Pascale Bourgaux
Camera: Garry Wantiez, Pascale Bourgaux, Anne Barrier, Pauline Lormant, Andy Driver, Alain Hass, Philippe Radelet
Editing: Déborah Benarosh
Music: Pierre Gillet

Production: Iota Production, Bruxelles, Belgique,

Co-Production: Radiotélévision belge de la communauté française / RTBF

Sales: Doc & Film International, Daniela Elstner,

. Dust

Shenzhen, a small fishing village 30 years ago, has today joined the ranks of Chinese megacities. To enable this incredible urban sprawl, millions of farmers had left their rural communities to become construction workers. This film particularly focuses on the fate of drilling workers who, lured by very attractive salaries, dig shafts into the rock for the necessary foundations of futuristic skyscrapers. They work with a simple hammer drill, at the risk of their lives.

France – 2011 – 52 mn – HD Cam • 16/9 – Colour

Director: Jin Huaqing
Camera: Fan JiaJu, Hu ZhiFeng
Sound: Yu Shanlong
Editing: Cristobal Sevilla

Production: Solférino Images,

Out of competition / Reports

. Lost in Beijing

This is the story of a quest and of despair. Pen and camera in hand, a young journalist tries to provide an account of a past that is buried forever. He realises that it is hopeless, that the past can never be exhumed. Nonetheless, a group of people living in Beijing tries to bring his lost paradise back, but in vain…

China – 2011 – 52 mn – HD • 16/9 – Colour

Director: Qin Yuming, Kun Li
Camera: Cheng Si, Kun Li
Sound: Kun Li
Editing: Kun Li
Music: Fan Yu

Production: Pandavision Studio, Beijing, China,

Co-Production: Guangzhou Television

Sales: Pandavision Studio,

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