Two Asian docs selected in this year’s Berlin Panorama Dokumente

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The 62nd Berlin International Film Festival (9-19 Feb) has completed its Panorama selection. This yearai??i??s Berlin Panorama is presenting 53 feature films: 18 in the main programme, 15 in Panorama Special and 20 in Panorama Dokumente. 34 productions from 33 countries are screening as world premieres. Among the 20 documentaries, 2 are coming from Asia. Both are gay related documentaries.


The 2 Asian doc which are selected in this year’s Panorama Dokumente are part of the ai???Queer Memoryai??? section.

. “Wo men de gu shi” (Our Story ai??i??10-year ai???Guerrilla Warfareai??i?? of Beijing Queer Film Festival)

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Director: Ai??Yang Yang

People’s Republic of China

2011, 42 min



Story: For ten years the Beijing Queer Film Festival has battled official oppression and homophobia to fight for more visibility for gays and lesbian issues in China. This film documents this struggle and the ai???guerrillaai??i?? tactics used by the festivalai??i??s organisers.

The documentary “Our Story: 10-Year ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ of Beijing Queer Festival” will compete for this year’s Teddy Award for gay cinema.

Film page on Berlinale websiteAi??
. Anak-Anak Srikandi (Children of Srikandi)

Director: the Children of Srikandi Collective


Ai??2012, 73Ai??minAi??


World Premiere

Srikandi is a female figure from the Indian Mahabharata epic that changes gender to live and fight as an equal among men. This character is a role model for eight highly personal perspectives on lesbian, bisexual and transidentity life in Islamic Indonesia. The film, which began as a collective project, moves from personal essay into a radical conceptual exploration of queer politics and maps out self-confidently the situation in which a generation of women are beginning to find a voice. Politics, identity, the search for substitute families, the fear of violence, even among lesbians, the social exclusion of minorities and self-imposed silence are some of the topics addressed, as are the deliberate eschewal of labels for oneai??i??s own life and oneai??i??s personal religious beliefs and the wearing of the hijab. Making use of local forms of storytelling, the film also demonstrates that indigenous role models exist for strong women and alternative gender identities. Javanese shadowplay links and interweaves the different stories of the protagonists, but ANAK-ANAK SRIKANDI is goes far beyond being a typical episodic film.Ai??

Film websiteAi?? Video trailer

FilmAi??presentation PDF

Film presentation on Berlinale website

Another doc film about China will be included in the Berlinale Special:Ai??“Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry”. The doc film which was directed byAi??Alison Klayman (US) will have itsAi??international premiere at berlin.

SOURCES: Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival

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