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Discovery Asia-Pacific and NHK launch doc copro on Japan’s recovery

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A documentary coproduction between Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK and prodco Bang Singapore, featuring Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, will document the recovery of Japan after its devastating tsunami and earthquake of last March.

According to Discovery Asia-Pacific, the coproduction will have a Japanese director, cameraman and editor together with an international executive production team.

The film will have a theatrical premiere at the end of January in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum, where Watanabe has been asked to give a speech. The doc will then premiere in Japan and international markets in March.

“Together with Ken Watanabe, we’ll do our utmost to communicate Japan’s ongoing recovery to the world,” said NHK’s Yasushi Koyama, lead director of the program. “When the disaster hit the Tohoku region, I immediately began looking for ways to play a part in helping the survivors,” said Watanabe. “The survivors have since begun the job of rebuilding, and they want the world to see the efforts being made to get their lives back to normal. I’m honored to play a part in helping them by sharing their message to the world through this documentary.”


SOURCES: Discovery Asia Pacific, (16/01/12)

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