Asian Royal sales for UK DRG

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Broadcasters from Australia and Japan have secured several doc about british Royal family from London-based distributor DRG.

The 2 docs are “The Real King’s Speech” and ”Wallis Simpson: The Secret Letters” .

. “The Real King’s Speech”, produced by 1212 Entertainment for Channel 4 in the UK, has been picked up by NHK in Japan and Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific. The one-hour special tells the real story of King George VI’s struggle to overcome his stammer, as seen in the 2010 narrative film The King’s Speech.

. the Telesgop’s one-hour special “Wallis Simpson: The Secret Letters” (picture) is about King George VI’s brother Edward, who famously renounced the throne. The Channel 4 doc focuses on biographer Anne Sebba’s findings of the love affair between Prince Edward and Simpson, which include newly discovered documents written by Simpson around the time of the abdication. DRG has sold the film to Australian networks ABC and Foxtel’s History Channel Australia.

SOURCE: DRG (16/01/12)

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