South Korea and China celebrate 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties

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In order to celebrate next year’s 20th anniversary of the establishment of China-South Korea diplomatic ties, a special program “Connecting for Twenty Years” and a documentary “Wangjing” will be shown on CCTV-9, the documentary channel.


. “Connecting for Twenty Years” features interviews with special guests, including China’s first ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Zhang Tingyan, master go player Nie Weiping and his long-time South Korean rival Cho Hunhyun. The programme is produced by the China’s State televisionbroadcaster, CCTV, and the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

. the documentary Wangjing is about an area of the Chinese capital where many South Koreans have settled and opened businesses that serve their own community. The doc seeks to present typical South Korean lives and their feelings about living in Beijing. The doc is also coproduced by the 2 partners.

Connecting for Twenty Years will premiere on Jan 1, 2012. Wangjing will premiere on Jan 2.

During 2012, KBS will produce extra programmes about China and will work with independent doc producers from mainland.

SOURCES: KBS, China Daily (27/12/11)

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