First 3D deal in China and hundreds hours in Asia for Euro Off the Fence

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Dutch-Anglo distributor and production company Off the Fence has closed its first 3D deal and has racked up sales of more than 2,000 hours to broadcasters throughout Asia.

OTF’s first 3D deal is with Chinese company Universal Full Band Media for its upcoming 3D channel set to launch in 2012. The titles in the deal include “Hell On Hooves Special” and “A Park For All Seasons: Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve” (picture).

In another deal, OTF has also sold 20 hours of content including “Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale”, “The Chile 33″ and “Nature’s Matchmakers” to China International Television Corporation.

OTF announced other deals in Asia :

. in China,a 50-hour pay-TV deal to Yuan Chun for “Mutations: Science of Survival”, “Freeze Me” and “Grizzly”, amongst others.
. in Korea, a 300-hour pay-TV deal with Nine Planners, with titles including “Treasure Divers”, “The Endless Knot”, “North Face Expedition” and “Inside Extraordinary Humans”.
. in TaiwanEYETV picked up a 60-hour IPTV package for titles including “Walking the World”, “World Class” and “Inside Luxury Travel”.
. in China, DDDream Management Consulting has picked up 1,100 hours including “African River Goddess”, “Loose at the Zoo” and “Buddha’s Giants”

. in China, JY Entertainment acquired 200 hours, including “Nature’s Babies”, “Carrier at War”, “Extraordinary Hoarders” and “Division Street”.

“Since opening our office in Singapore in 2007, OTF has thrived in response to the growth in the Asian media sector,” said Fiona Chu, sales manager at OTF’s Asia office in Singapore, who brokered the deals. “The launch of pay-TV and new media platforms have begun a new era of distribution, with varied content package deals delivering significant revenue for content owners.”

SOURCES: OTF, (5/12/11)

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