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CCTV’s Documentary Channel goes to kenya for its first doc production

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Next January, CCTV documentary will air its first independent production, ”Glamorous Kenya.”

“Glamorous Kenya” is a documentary film about “the beautiful people, landscape and traditions of the land of Kenya”. It will be shot and produced in High-Definition format and all shootings were completed in Kenya alone.

According to CCTV, “compared to previous works on African countries, “Glamorous Kenya” is all about looking inside the country through the eyes of the crew that traveled there.

Xiao Wai, director of “Glamorous Kenya” said, “Wild animals is not all of it. We’re also looking at the traditional and modern life and human condition of the Kenyan people. What’s more, we’re capturing Kenya as a cultural community in a Chinese way.”

The 3-episode documentary will be broadcasting on CCTV Documentary Channel on January 6th, 2012. Each episode will focus on the a theme of wild animals, tribal and urban lives of Kenya.

Video report on CNTV

SOURCES: CNTV, (22/12/11)

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