Over 700 hours from A+E Networks sold in Asia Pacific

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Broadcasters in South Korea, Australia and China have acquired factual entertainment and documentary titles from A+E Networks.

. In South Korea, CJ Media has acquired “Seriously Funny Kids”, while Skylife has picked up “The Universe in 3D” and KBS has licensed “America: The Story of US”.Ai?? Science TV has picked up “Crime 360″, “Mega Disasters”, “Jaws: The Inside Story”, “Silence of the Lambs: The Inside Story” and “Halloween: The Inside Story” andAi??Korean Forces Network hasAi??bought “Basic Training”, “Mail Call”, “History Raiders”, “IRT: Deadliest Roads”, “The Presidents Book of Secrets”, “B-25 Bomber”, “Battlefield” and “Weather Warfare”.
. In Thailand, Thai PBS picked up “Seven Wonders of the Solar System”, “Hidden Cities” and “Underwater Universe”, along with “Biography” episodes on “Madame Mao”, “Mahathir”, “Ho Chi Minh” and “Junichiro Koizumi”. Also in Thailand, True Vision buy periactin online cheap, acquire dapoxetine. picked up “Seriously Funny Kids”, “Jersey Cheer”, “Fairy Jobmother”, “Coming Home” and a volume package of the “Biography” series.
. In the Philippines, GMA picked up several “Biography” episodes, including “Cory Aquino: Housewife Who Led a Revolution”, “The Maguindanao Massacre”, “Manny Pacquiao” and “Marcos: Fall Of A Dictator”; while ABS ai??i?? CBN licensed “Glamour Belles”, “Seriously Funny Kids” and a “Biography” package deal.
. In Japan, Nippon TV licensed “Seriously Funny Kids” and “Most Extreme Airports”

. In China,Ai??CCTV 15 acquired “Ancient Discoveries” and “Four Heavenly Kings”.
. In Australia,Ai??Nine Network picked up “Picker Sisters”; Lifestyle and Lifestyle You acquired “Glamour Belles”, “Dance Moms” and “Russian Dolls”; and Sci-Fi/TV1 General Entertainment took “The Captains of the Final Frontier”.
. InAi??New Zealand, Skyai??i??s Box Channel licensed “Ice Road Truckers”, “Pawn Stars” and “Hoarders”; Sky ai??i?? The Arts Channel picked up “The Chris Isaak Hour”; TV3 acquired “IRT: Deadliest Roads”; and TVOne and TV2 picked up “Seriously Funny Kids”.

Sean Cohan, SVP, international for A+E Networks, said:Ai?? ai???The global demand for our content continues to grow exponentially throughout the Asia-Pacific region and we are looking forward to maximizing this momentum at Asia TV Forum.ai???

SOURCES: A+E Networks,Ai??realscreen.com (23/11/11)Ai??

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