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“Loneliness of Lake Urmia” / Mohammad Ehsani / Iran (post-production)

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The documentary deals with the possibility of salt tsunami happening to Lake Urmia which is becoming completely dry, and the changes it can bring about to the region’s environment. Experts have expressed that if the Lake dry; temperate weather of area will be change into tropical air with salty winds and it will change area’s environment.

Producer: Mohammad Ehsani

Stage of development: post- prodution











Technical Information:
Length: 52 min
Production format: Full HD
Production date: 2011-2012
Shooting location: Lake Urmia ( Iran )

Existing Partners:
Broadcaster: NA
Producers: Kiamarz Keyhanfar & Mahdieh Mostafa Pour- shad

Authors/Directors: Mohammad Ehsani

Budget/Financing Plan:

Info: Mohammad Ehsani

See interview of Mohammad Ehsani on EADN website

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