Canada/China boxing documentary received European support

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European broadcasters in the UK and Scandinavia have joined Canadian EyeSteel for the financing of a rare Canadian-Chinese copro, a film about poor, rural Chinese teenagers training in Western-style boxing school.

Canada’s EyeSteel Film has just announced presales of the film “China Heavyweight” to YLE in Finland, Channel 4 in the UK, TV2 in Denmark. Two Canadian networks also jumped on board: Superchannel and French-language TV5.

The film which is produced by Bob Moore, will be one of the first official doc coproduction between China and Canada.

Moore explained to C21 that “Chinese state broadcaster CCTV is used to making documentaries entirely in-house, making cash hard to come by even for projects with the official blessing of Beijing. The notion of doing profit-based equity financing that’s not supported by some sort of government fund is still largely laughable”.

EyeSteel already produced 2 doc sin mainland China: ”Up the Yangtze” and “Last Train Home”. EyeSteel is coproducing “China Heavyweight” with Yung Fang Media, which is headed by “Last Train Home” director Lixin Fan.
SOURCES: EyeSteel, C21 Media (29/11/2011)

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