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“Star Wars” / Mandarin Film / Beijing – HK (in pre-production)

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Title: Star Wars

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Star Wars shows how boasting the fastest computer has a widespread effect on everything from national defence, multi-trillion dollar industries, the environmental integrity of our planet…. and diapers…

The stakes could not possibly be higher. Star Warsai??i?? through line follows the race between the US and China to see which nationai??i??s supercomputer will come out on top. The colour and interest in the story will come from insights into the incredibly varied people and far-flung worlds that these computers touch, including the most dramatic story of all…Star Wars.

Producer: Patrick Carr

Technical Information

Length: 52ai??i??
Stage of development: Pre-production
Production format: HD
Production date: TBC
Shooting location: US and China

Existing Partners

Broadcaster: None
Producers: Mandarin Film

Authors/Directors: Patrick Carr

Budget/Financing Plan: USD300,000


CONTACT: Patrick Carr, mail

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