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“Panda Legend” / Mandarin Film / Beijing – HK (In Production )

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Title : Panda Legend


A Walking With Dinosaurs style journey back in time as we tell the unbelievable story of the Great Panda, in glorious 3D animation.

This two x 1 hour 3D animated documentary follows the panda as it teeters on the brink of extinction before evolving into the international symbol for wildlife conservation it is today.

International Reversion based on the original Chinese 12 x 45 minute series.


Patrick Carr (International Version)

Xie Jiuru (Chinese Version)

Technical Information

Length: 2 x 52’

Stage of development: In Production – completion due Spring 2012

Production format: HD

Production date: Completion due 2012

Shooting location: China

Existing Partners

Broadcaster: CCTV9

Producers: Mandarin Film, Beijing Science and Education Film Studios


China Director: Tian Rong

International Version Director: Patrick Carr

CONTACT: Patrick Carr, mail

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