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“Green China Rising” / Mandarin Film / Beijing – HK (completed)

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Title : Green China Rising

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How the world’s biggest polluter could become its greatest savior.

China, the year 2001, the first hints of climate change are detected. Melting glaciers, abnormal weather and changes in migration patterns. The tell-tale local signs of a global crisis.

China, 2011. China has responded by embarking on a colossal nation-wide effort to combat climate change, attempting to create a sustainable lifestyle and environment for its people.

Environmental, business and political leaders in China are actively engaged with experts and companies from around the world to find new solutions that might slow down and stop global warming and create a sustainable environment for all.

By following the people living at the front line of China’s green technology race, we learn how the innovation of a few could save the lives of billions. But time is running out, China faces the daunting twin problems of pollution and the sheer amount of carbon that is being produced, a billion people with ever greater material desires but less and less natural resources.

Can China really succeed in its efforts to combat climate change? No single story has greater implications for humanity.

Producer: Patrick Carr

Technical Information

Length: 45’ and 52’
Stage of development: Completed
Production format: HD PAL
Production date: Completed 15th November 2011
Shooting location: Across China and the US

Existing Partners:

Broadcaster: National Geographic Asia
Producers: Mandarin Film, Lodge 9, CICC

Authors/Directors Patrick Carr

Budget/Financing Plan:

CONTACT: Patrick Carr, mail

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