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Singh Chandok (ISP Production/France): “we don’t miss any opportunity to go to Asia”

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Singh Chandok, franco-indian producer from ISP Productionbased in Paris, shared with us his working experience and new projects information related to Europe and Asia.

1. Could you introduce yourself?

With an experience of 10 years in television production, I have produced and directed many different projects. I also worked as expert for Canal France International to conduct  missions for programs in Africa TV.

Graduated in business, I was selling TV rights of sports events, to various European television network, from 2001 to 2003.

2. How did you get involved and why are you interested in documentary industry?

I get involved in this business by passion and taste for travel and discovery. This was an unique opportunity to go around the world while working and meet everyday people from all backgrounds and very different from each other. I try with my best to transcribe the genuineness of these meetings in my projects.

3. Could you introduce ISP Production?

ISP Production is specialized in production of documentaries, intended to French and International televisions.

The company, founded in 2003, is located in Paris. With my colleagues and friend Lionel Rigal, we are always trying to be responsive as possible to keep a necessary dynamic. That’s how we are able to achieve about two to three documentaries per year.

4. Due to you Indian origin, is ISP specialized in docs about India or Asia? Could you give us examples of doc productions about Asia?

Although of Indian origin, I do not give priority to any territory. Of course, I have a special affection for Asia, so I don’t lose an opportunity to go there for my projects.

In 2010, with “The World Tour Of Martial Arts” (12 episodes of 26 min), wish has been  broadcast on Planète (groupe Canal+) and on TV5 Monde (groupe France Télévisions), we did disclose a country and its traditions through a martial art. We were able to travel in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Malaysia South Korea. Where, we discover the different faces of Asia.


A year later, we went back Japan to shoot “Irezumi”, documentary about the art of Japanese tattoo. Filmed in HD, “Irezumi” is an aesthetic documentary in which we have chosen to let live the pictures and introduce to the best this ancestral art. I focused the film on artistic side and the relation between Masters and their roots.



5. Have you already co-produced documentaries in Asia ? If so, could you give us some example ?

I never had the opportunity to co-produced any documentary in Asia yet. The first season of “The World Tour of Martial Arts” was broadcasting in Vietnam and it will be a great opportunity for me to work with an Asian producer to work on the second season of “The World Tour of Martial Arts”

6. For the second season of “World Tour of Martial Arts”, are you looking for partners? In which countries will you shoot?

Yes, we’re looking for partners in the form of sponsors, producers or co-producers.We will shoot in China, Burma,Philippines, Laos, Mongolia,Vietnam,Martinique, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Iran, Burma, Ethiopia, Italy, Taiwan, Russia and Greece.

7. Have you tried to sell your docs to Asia ? Have you already sold one of your docs in Asia?

Obviously, we’re trying to sell our docs in Asia. We’re very interested that our docs are distributed through local distributors or houses productions. Unfortunately, for the moment, none of our docs was sold directly in Asia.

8. What do you think about the evolution of Asian documentary industry? Do you have contact with emerging independent producers in Asia ?

I know few Indian producers. Asian producers and directors are working increasingly  in the documentary industry. There documentaries are qualities.

9. You are also working on another project about India. Can you speak about it? (subject,locations,partners in Asia and Europe,when will it be ready for broadcast and distribution)

It’s rather a feature film than a documentary. It’s produced by ISP Production and directed by Lionel Rigal. We shot a teaser in India for this film.

It’s a thriller that will be shoot in the region of Delhi. Today, we have few European partners in discussion. We’re also interested in potential producers or co-producers for distribution to the world market.

10. In the last 2 years, have you seen any Asian documentaries that impressed you? If so, which one?

Unfortunately, I didn’t see Asian documentaries in the last two years. But, I have seen movies that resonated deeply (like”I met the devil” by Kim Jee-Woon) and I have a particular preference for Johnnie To. He is a good example for me as an complete artist and I will like to have the chance to work with him.

Interviewd by Ruifang Hua, by mail 30 Sep 2011

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