“Forgotten Slaves: The Comfort Women of the Philippines” / Ginger Foot Films / Germany

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Forgotten Slaves: The Comfort Women of the Philippines (Watch the Trailer)


A one hour documentary which gives a voice to victims of mass rapes by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II – the so called “Comfort Women”.


Ginger Foot Films, Björn Jensen

BCE Films & More GmbH, Bettina Ehrhardt

Technical Information:

Length: 60 minutes

Stage of development: looking for funding

Production format: HD

Production date: 2011/2012

Shooting location: Manila, Philippines

Existing Partners:


Producers: BCE Films & More GmbH


Björn Jensen, Ginger Foot Films

Bettina Ehrhardt, BCE Films & More GmbH

Budget/Financing Plan:

Budget about 180,000 €

At the moment we have a crowd funding campaign running.

Björn Jensen (Ginger Foot/Germany): « we are looking for Asian partners to widen the scope of our new doc story »      


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