SUNTV launched the first Chinese Documentary online Award

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With the slogan of “Show your mind, Vote your eyes”, iSuntv Chinese Documentary Award isAi??a newAi??online documentary event organised by SUNTV (Hongkong).

This is a unique doc competition on internet with film exhibition, netizen voting and jury reviewing.

According to SUNTV announcement, “netizens after registering can watch the 180 submissions from Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Netizens after being verified can vote for film as well as for jury candidates”.

The jury committee will be decided also by netizen’s voting.Ai?? The final result will be concluded by both netizen’s voting and jury’s voting.

The awards will be given to top 3 feature doc (30-120 min), top 3 short doc (less than 30 min), top 3 environtment doc (prize sponsored by TNC) and best spirit of citizenship. With total prize up to nearly 1 million HKD, it’s the highest doc award ever in Chinese independent documentary order zoloft online cheap, acquire dapoxetine. .

The voting will be closed by end of September and final result will be announced in the end of October. The award presentation ceremony will be held in Hongkong.

The award-winning docs will be arranged for tour screening around Hongkong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and Beijing.

Among the participants, SUNTV announced “quite a few of the best Chinese independent doc makers and films, including Ai Weiwei (Lao Ma Ti Hua), Zhao Liang (Petition), Du Haibin (Umbrella…), Zhao Dayong (Ghost City), Fan Lixin (Last Train Home), Ruby Yang (The Warriors of Qiugang)”.Ai??

Some of the films are English subtitled.

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