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Court to Define Documentary (Film Business Asia)

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Screen Australia is to go to court to seek a legal decision on the definition of a documentary.

By Patrick Frater

In Film Business Asia (Mon, 25 July 2011)

It disputes the recent Administrative Appeals Tribunal judgement that TV series “Lush House” is a documentary, something that opens the show to claim Producer Offset financing. Screen Australia contends that “Lush House” is an infotainment programme.

“In recognition of the particular significance of this matter as the first case on the issue of the meaning of documentary, Screen Australia will contribute to the legal costs of Essential Media (producers of Lush House) in the appeal,” the funding body said in a statement.

Chris Hilton, CEO of Essential Media and Entertainment, said that it had appealed against Screen Australia’s previous decision as “Lush House” was very close in style to “Is Your House Killing You”, a programme that was granted Producer Offset finance.

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