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Discovery Asia broadcasts 4 Vietnam’s documentary

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discovery-vietnam-21Four Vietnamese documentaries – “Jam Busters” by Phan Duy Linh, “Mr Long’s travelling cinema” by Hoang Manh Cuong, “City of a thousand years” by Nguyen Manh Ha, and “Digging up the dead” by Dao Thanh Tung will be broadcast in turn on the Discovery Asia channel on every Thursday as of May 5.

They are broadcast at 8pm on Thursday (local time), and playing back at 7am and 1pm on Friday every week.

Each film has its regular slot of 30 minutes.

The four documentaries won The First Time Filmmakers project, funded by the Ford Foundation, which started in Vietnam in 2009 after nine years of operation in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Discovery Channel’s First Time Filmmakers (FTFM) Viet Nam initiative is aiming to provide an unique perspectives of a nation transforming from a rural-based society into an emerging force in the Asian economy. The series consists of four documentaries which form a tapestry of the nation’s traditions and culture, alongside the extraordinary social changes taking place as a result of globalisation. “Each of these documentaries reflects the filmmakers’ original ideas and tells a compelling story of Viet Nam’s modernisation and change, through unique local perspectives,” said Vikram Channa, vice president of production and development for Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific.

discovery-vietnamThe documentaries line up includes:

.  ”Nhung Chien Binh Chong Tac Duong” (“Jam Busters”) by Phan Duy Linh, which tells the story of how some residents of Ha Noi are looking to ease the city’s traffic crisis. The film focuses on Tuyen, who reports for the Traffic Channel, a radio show educating listeners about traffic rules and encouraging them to report traffic jams live.

. “Rap Chieu Phim Cua Bac Long” (“Mr Long’s Travelling Cinema”) by Hoang Manh Cuong tells story of Long, a remarkable raconteur who has entertained people on the streets of Ha Noi for half-a-century with his homemade style of storytelling, relying on ingenuity and low-tech gadgetry to provide a multi-sensory experience for his audiences. Long projects paper cut-out images, then diffuses various aromas, simulates wind and rain with fans and water bottles, even producing sound effects with tin cans and string. But on the occasion of Ha Noi’s millennial celebrations, Long seeks to reach new audiences using computer animation.

. “Thanh Pho Mot Nghin Nam” (“City of a Thousand Years”) by Nguyen Manh Ha tells the interlocking stories of architect Nguyen Van Quang, the owner of Ha Noi’s tiniest house, and an artist who builds a Bridge of Sound made of bamboo. Quang and his colleagues, who spent four years on a mission to develop an ambitious housing project he called the Utopia Project. His vision was to build a self-sustaining city with the biggest houses in the world to be fueled by renewable energy.

. In “Cau Chuyen Cai Tang” (“Digging up the Dead”), filmmaker Dao Thanh Tung tells story of the Vietnamese tradition of digging up the bones of the dead, in the belief that it will help loved ones reach the next world. Three years after her father-in-law’s burial, Mai and her family plan his re-burial ceremony in Ha Noi’s biggest cemetery, Van Dien. Ngo Van Luong is a gravedigger at the cemetery, where millions of Vietnamese have been buried over the past 50 years. But change is afoot as Van Dien Cemetery is slated for closure, and Luong must come to terms with a break with tradition and society’s increasing reliance on cremation.

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