“My Chinese Acquaintances”

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Running Time: 70 min

Commentary Language: Chinese

Subtitile: Chinese/Chinese

Year of Production: 2010/2011

Author: Andrew Lone;Shen Xiaomin

Director: Andrew Lone;Shen Xiaomin

Company of Production: Yuezhong Film & TV Co, Shenzhen, China


. The most glorious but seldom mentioned history of the World WarⅡ in China.
. A personal history of a 92-year-old soldier written in blood and tears.
. The Chinese encounter of Major John Gardner and his son.
. The long-live friendship between warriors of America and China.
. Nanking, the city usually leads us back to the horrible massacre by Japanese invaders.What we ignored for this city was the most glorious moment of the Chinese war against fascism–the signing of the surrender terms took place at 9 on the 9th day of the 9th month,1945.

Expect for archival pictures and documents,are there any witnesses still alive?

The authors:

Andrew Lone:
2006-2009 Director/Editor, Independent, HK, China
2009 Director/Editor, Yuezhong Film & TV Co, Shenzhen, China
Shen Xiaomin:
2006-2009 Director/Editor, CCTV, China

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