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Men on the Bridge (2009 / Turkey)

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Men on the Bridge (2009 / Turkey)


Released in the UK (29/01/2011)

Alexandria International Film Festival (Sept 2010), Locarno

Synopsis : A bit of a Don Juan with his styled hair and single earring, FİKRET (17) illegally sells roses in the traffic jam on the Bosphorus bridge that links Asia and Europe. At the same time, he is striving for a regular job in the old downtown of Istanbul. UMUT (28) drives a shared taxi passing the Bosphorus bridge every day. He is searching for a better apartment to rent in order to satisfy his wife, whose desires are beyond his earnings. The traffic policeman Murat (24), who is stationed at the Bosphorus bridge, feels alone amidst the solid lines of cars. Each night at home, he logs on to the internet seeking for dating chances. Unaware of each other, Fikret, Umut and Murat intersect in the rush hour every day with millions of other Istanbulites, coping with the straits of fulfilling their aspirations in the big city. The story is based on the lives of the characters depicting themselves in the original locations.

MEN ON THE BRIDGE is based on Aslı Özge’s idea, which tells about the young generation who lives in the suburbs of Istanbul and come to the center of the city, the Bosphorus Bridge, to make a living. In the beginning Özge intended to make a documentary film, but after an extensive research period in Istanbul starting in 2006, Özge got to know the main characters, who are working around the bridge, and decided to write a script based on the protagonists’ own stories. MEN ON THE BRIDGE became a fiction film, in which the lead characters acted themselves in their original environments.

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