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Doc project from China / HK : “Three Gorges” the real story of the world’s largest hydropower dam

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Chaowei Chang and Li-bo Wang are respectively producer and director of a doc project “Three Gorges” about the world’s largest hydropower dam which attracted both scrutiny and controversy.


Can you present your own personal stories?

Chaowei Chang : I am currently the Production Supervisor of SUNTV documentary center and work on developing various doc projects in Great China area. Before, I was Chief Producer of CNEX Foundation, director for PTS Taiwan and producer at The Moving Visuals (SG). I worked on different doc projects : “Rome, The Lost City of China” for Discovery Asia , “China Fast Forward”, “Making Mao”.

Li-bo : I am an independent documentary filmmaker. I was born in Harbin City clomid no rx, clomid reviews. and I was photographer before turning to filming in 2004. Documentary is now the way to express myself.

How many docs have you directed?

One, in 2004. “BURIED”. About the scientific prediction of Tang Shang earthquake in 1976. This first doc has received several awards at international film festivals such as China Independent Film Festival, Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival and China Documentary Festival.

What is the story of the “Three Gorges” doc ?

C : we want to tell all the story, from the decision making to the aftermath of THREE GORGES DAM. The new title of the doc is “SURFACING AT 175″, as the waterline of the dam reach 175 meters in October of 2010.

L : our doc is about the peopleai??i??s rights and the governmentai??i??s acts.


When and how long will be the shooting?

C : We plan to deliver the film by early 2012 for commemorating the 20th anniversary of the decision making.
L : we intend to shoot from 2010 springtime to 2011 summertime.

What will be the main content of the doc ? archives or interviews ?

C : we want to meet and interview the people who were involved in decision making, the people who opposed the project since 1980s or even earlier, the residents who were relocated due to the construction, the citizens and scholars who investigate independently on the aftereffect of the construction. We will keep the content and expression as objective as possible. You wouldnai??i??t know the decision making and aftermath of constructing the great wall but, 2500 years later, you will know the decision making and aftermath of constructing the great dam !

L : the doc must re-present the debate, the controversy, the decision-making process and the relationship between various  interest groups behind the project.


Who is producing / financing the doc? What is the budget?

C : Sun TV is the production partner. Total budget of the doc would be about 100 000 USD.

Do you have partner(s) in Europe or other western countries for this doc ? Are you looking for partner ?

C :  DR (Denmark) shows the intention for pre-buy but we still need more investment and production assistance.

Interview by mail, 9 December 2010

About “Three Gorges” / “SURFACING AT 175″

Format : HDV

Length : 120 minutes

Stage of production : shooting

Director : Li-bo Wang

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