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Doc News / 16-31 December 2010

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CCTV new doc. channel, Sundance Channel in Taiwan, China BO …

China box office to pass milestone (26/12/2010)

China’s box office looks set to pass the symbolic RMB10 billion mark for 2010. Figures released by SARFT and the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association (CFDEA) complete to 22 Dec show that the year to date figure had reached RMB9.46 billion. That compared with RMB4.34 billion in 2008 and rose to RMB6.21 billion in 2009.

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CBFC refuses censor certificate to ‘Inshallah Football’ (23/12/2010)

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has refused a censor certificate to Inshallah Football, a documentary film about an aspiring footballer who was denied the right to travel abroad on the pretext that father was a militant in the 1990s. The film’s director Ashvin Kumar said, “This morning (December 23) I received a call from the Indian censor board stating that after having referred the film to a revision panel, censor certification will not be given. We have not been asked to make any cuts. The reason given was that it spoke against the Indian government and that it was one-sided.” The film has been critically acclaimed and won a ‘Special Jury Distinction’ prize at the just-concluded Dubai International Film Festival.

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DIFF closes, best of actors honoured  (20/12/2010)

Indian filmmaker Ashvin Kumar (Inshallah, Football) and Iranian filmmaker Shahin Parhami (Amin) won the Special Mention Award in the Muhr AsiaAfrica Documentary category. Special Jury Prize in the category went to Ariane Astrid Atodji. First Prize was given to Jia Zhang-Ke for  I Wish I Knew,  while second prize went to John Akomfrah for The Nine Muses. ..

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Sundance Channel Heads to Taiwan (21/12/2010)

In an expansion of its Asian reach, Sundance Channel is now available in Taiwan, with a broadcast license awarded to Rainbow Media by the National Communications Commission (NCC). The channel is already available in Singapore and South Korea. Sundance Channel, established by Robert Redford, airs a range of films, documentaries and original programs. In the U.S. the service reaches nearly 40 million households.


CCTV Documentary Channel will be January 1, 2011 launch (16/12/2010)

CCTV decided to January 1, 2011 launch documentary channel, followed CCTV9 for the channel number …Schedule of programs of international standards of 26 minutes and 50 minutes to two specifications, more standardized programming. CCTV will be a year from 50 million to promote the major theme of documentary filmmaking, documentary channel broadcast the launch day, 4 hours after the documentary (not including intervals), for up to 6 hours.


According to reports, CCTV broadcast a documentary channel will be divided into six periods, respectively, 20:00-20:30 “Human Geography” time ,20:30-21: 00 “era of the truth”; 21:00-22:00 overseas introduce documentary (BBC co-operation and for being “global synchronization” broadcast); 22:00-23:00, made the classic documentary; 23:00-24:00 “historical legend, discovered journey. ”
… Documentary Channel want to operate in the advertising, copyright management, a breakthrough in cooperation with foreign investment and strive to achieve in 3 years after the self-financing. ” … talking about CCTV and the BBC documentary, co-channel for” global synchronization “a documentary broadcast overseas plan,  “The Channel, the international project is very important aspect of cooperation, international cooperation can promote the domestic documentary production, led the team creation, but also can act as channels for dissemination of Chinese documentary film to foreign markets.”

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